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This is a rare picture of us all dressed up. Do you like the color coordination? It just sort of happened!

Hi, I’m Rochelle, a wife, mother of 3, homeschool mom, piano teacher, and entrepreneur. I love God, my husband, my children, and numerous others. I’m a lover of appropriate silliness. I also love the freedom of homeschooling and the opportunity I have to spend every day with my family. I work from home and like so many modern moms, I’m busy.  I desire to be busy doing the right things, at the right times, and to purposefully find times to be still.

With my handsome husband of almost 23 years.
Because at 7 years old my son has so much personality that I had to share them all.  And because we were all dressed up.
Flutter, the oldest of our dog pack, then there’s Mia with a sweet face, and Maddie the most friendly and sociable of the three. And finally is Zander, leopard gecko extraordinaire!  Because every little boy wants a reptile and mommy doesn’t like snakes.

I love that the number of our pets matches the number in our family. I unashamedly live vicariously through my daughters when they go riding (horses). I love that my son tells me every day that he loves me.  I love to act and sing and I really miss being in a choir.  I’m passionate about teaching piano.  I’m a pretty passionate person who likes alliteration. And ellipses…

Both of the girls were/are equestrians. Sunday (aka Flashy Miss Sunday) is the only horse we still have.

I’m a Nebraska native transplanted in California almost 30 years ago. Go Huskers!  Note: corn-on-the-cob is best when eaten soon after it is picked from a Nebraskan field. Trust me. I grew up along the North Platte River, right alongside the Oregon Trail. Courthouse and Jail Rocks were my “personal” landmarks, along with the more famous Chimney Rock. The Pits. One day I will write about The Pits. Note:  The Pits does not hold a negative connotation.

Like so many modern moms, I’m busy.  I need to constantly seek the stillness…in the moments, in the seasons.

My hope is that as you get a peek into the internal life of this self-employed homeschool mom, you will be encouraged and inspired.

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