I Love You More

I wonder when he will stop.  When he will stop telling me multiple times a day that he loves me. That he loves me SO MUCH.

I love you SO MUCH, Mommy.  I love you more than a dragon with arrows on fire coming out of its mouth.  That’s a special kind of love. The kind of love only a 7 or 8 year old boy can give.  I wonder when he will stop saying it like that.  When he will stop comparing his love for me with the coolest thing he can think of.

I love you more than a T-Rex with cannons shooting out of its mouth.

I wonder why something is always coming out of the dinosaur or the dragons mouth. Perhaps because what comes out of a mouth is some sort of expression.  In these analogies it is something forceful, something with power.

An expression of explosive love.

A love expressed with all the ardor and knock-you-over-when-he-hugs-you strength of a young rambunctious boy.   This precious man-child whose heart I hold.

I wonder when he will stop. I sense the time is shorter than I would like. That soon his expressions of love for me will be shortened to “I love you, Mom,”  and no longer given at random times during the day. Maybe only at bedtime, or when he’s leaving for a time.  “I love you” is still special. But the lack of explosive expressions will signal that my little boy is growing up. I’m thankful that we homeschool, that he has boundless opportunities to express his love for me, now, during these all-too-fleeting childhood days.

I hope he remembers.

I hope he remembers these moments of voicing his wild love for me.   I hope it helps him relate to God’s unhindered love for him.  In a way I feel unworthy of such devotion even from my son. I know there will be times when I will fail him, times that I already have failed him. Even though I love him more than the most fantastic dragon or dinosaur anyone can ever imagine. With cannon balls coming out of their mouths.



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Hi, I’m Rochelle, a wife, mother of 3, homeschool mom, speaker, piano teacher, and entrepreneur. I love God, my husband, my children, and numerous others. I’m a lover of appropriate silliness. I also love the freedom of homeschooling and the opportunity I have to spend every day with my family. I work from home and like so many modern moms, I’m busy. I desire to be busy doing the right things, at the right times, and to purposefully find times to be still.

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