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Surprised by the Stillness

I changed the location of my desk. It is now in a totally different room in my home. Not only is my desk in a different room in my home, but also on a different floor of my home.

I didn’t know I would like it this much.

Surprised by the Stillness

You see, I have had to carve out a niche for my office space out of another room in my home for, well, ever. I’m sure I’m not alone in needing to do this.  Not everyone has the option of a room dedicated solely for their office. I still don’t. I still don’t have a room of my own for my office. I still don’t have a door on the room I’m in. Yet this simple rearrangement of space has created an area that is more set apart for me to work in.

Is it perfect? No. I was just interrupted. I still wish for a door:  a door that no one will even think to knock on when it’s closed. But that’s not my life.

The compartments of my life are not easily separated; cannot really be separated at all.

At this very moment my young son is quietly “imagining” across the room from me. Vocally quiet, but bouncing and tumbling as he creates stories in his head that he provides the movement for.  I can hear sounds from the movie my teenage daughters are watching downstairs. The only person I have no clue about is my husband. He is the quietest one of the bunch. He could enter at any moment, however, with a special coffee drink he made and ask if I would like to try it.

And just like that, I’m alone in this space. For now.  But I’ll take it. I’m learning to soak in these solo moments when they come: the moments I have by myself fuel me so that I’m able to give back, to take those other moments when they come.

You know those moments.

The ones that could be viewed as interruptions but are actually opportunities to share in the lives of those you hold most dear. I fear I haven’t always been good at this. But I hope I’m better at it now than I used to be, and will continue to grow into the person I am becoming, by God’s grace.

I changed the location of my desk.  This has been a good change. I’m surprised by the stillness this space my home affords. Although I ask myself why I am surprised, when a place of stillness was one of the desired results of the move? Perhaps I doubted the outcome.

That must be why I am surprised by the stillness.

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Hi, I’m Rochelle, a wife, mother of 3, homeschool mom, speaker, piano teacher, and entrepreneur. I love God, my husband, my children, and numerous others. I’m a lover of appropriate silliness. I also love the freedom of homeschooling and the opportunity I have to spend every day with my family. I work from home and like so many modern moms, I’m busy. I desire to be busy doing the right things, at the right times, and to purposefully find times to be still.

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